Winter Garden Sprouts

Winter Garden Sprouts

Just a sample of the seedlings we have planted for this year’s winter garden.

Everything from Swiss Chard through Broccoli Rabe. We have your winter greens needs taken care of!


Apple Butter: Vegans, Lactose Intolerant Persons and Fruit Enthusiasts Keep Reading!

Although the term “butter” is used, there is no actual dairy product included in the apple butter! Exciting news, right?
If you’re thinking “What is apple butter? Why have I never had it, or seen it at my local grocery chain?” there is a reason for it. Although apple butter has been made for centuries, it tends to stay close to the local areas it is produced. Families would take turns stirring the concentrated apple sauce to ensure the apples would caramelize but not burn. This is the reason apple butter is so dark in color.
Our apple butter starts with hand peeled and cored apples, some sugar and lemon juice. We add cinnamon to combat a palate fatiguing too sweet butter.

Then we wait. We stir. We wait some more. We stir some more. We get a glass of water and a snack…then we wait even more! The caramelizing must happen slowly, so as not to burn. If the sugar burns, it turns bitter and bitter sugar is bad!

If you were looking for some new applications for your apple butter, you’ve come to the right place. Our favorite ways to use apple butter may surprise you! The first way, is to brush it over pork tenderloin as it is cooking. The apple and pork flavor combination is a classic one. Secondly, use it instead of mayonnaise on your turkey, cheddar and veg sandwich. Not only will you be adding a massive amount of flavor, but you’ll save on calories and fat as well!

If you’re interested in purchasing apple butter, you may do so in person at the farm or on our website!

Thank you for reading today!

Baby chicks have arrived!!!

Hurley Farms welcomes a new flock of baby chickens to the farm. These new chicks will eventually join our adult flock of almost 100 adult hens that supply us with our delicious fresh eggs. We have six different breeds in our new batch of chickens Buff Orpingtons, Ameraucanas, Rhode Island Reds, Danish Brown Leghorns, Black Australorps, and Golden Sex Links.

Chicken facts!

Buff Orpingtons
Originating in England and recognized as a distinct breed by the American Poultry Association in 1902, the Buff Orpington was prized as being a good meat bird as well as an excellent layer. These “Golden Beauties” as they are often called lay light to dark brown eggs.

Ameraucanas are also known as the “Easter Egg Chicken”. These chickens lay green or blue eggs.

Rhode Island Reds are one of the most popular, and well recognized of all the breeds.

Black Ausrtralorps originated in Australia and are known for their shiny rich black feathers. These hardy, yet docile birds are excellent winter laying hens.

Danish Brown leghorns originated from Italy, Denmark, and England. These prolific layers, can lay between 200 to 300 large white eggs a year.

Golden Sex Links also known as Bovan Browns are a cross-breed. Sex links are bred so that their gender can be determined by their color. Male chicks are a creamy white, while females are colored in shades of red.


We take pride in our peaches! We grow Red Haven and Hale Haven peaches, just outside our vineyard. Our tall trees lining the vineyard are a picture of ubiquitous Napa Valley.

Why Red Haven and Hale Haven breeds you ask?

These specific breeds are cold hearty, meaning they can take a freeze or two with a greater load of fruit than other varietals. They are also self-pollinating, and have much less fuzz than your average cling peach.

These trees love our full sun and cool nights!

We love peaches, and put them practically everywhere! In our pies, homemade ice cream, breakfast cereal, with salads, cobblers and the like. Peaches have so many applications; you’d be hard pressed to find a “gone bad” peach around these parts! One favorite “recipe” is to cut the peach in half, sprinkle a bit of sugar on the cut side, and place cut side down on a piping hot barbeque grill. Let it sit for a few minutes, until the flesh is soft and just under charred. The heat and flame really brings out the sweetness in the fruit and will accompany any chicken or pork dish very nicely!
For our jam, we simmer the incredibly ripe peaches with a bit of sugar and pectin until the pot is bubbling with softened fruit. After a while, the jam takes on a pinkish tint and we know it’s ready when the scent of warm peaches has filled the air.

Please stop by our website to purchase jam, or come by the farm and pick up some peaches! We have tons, and definitely want to share the wealth!
Farm hours are Monday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm!

Santa Rosa Plum

Fewer things remind me of my child hood than the Santa Rosa plum. Climbing the tree in my grandmother’s backyard, picking (and eating!) the sun ripened fruit and hearing my mother in the kitchen canning dozens of jars of the tart sweet jam.

The Santa Rosa Plum tree was first cultivated in Santa Rosa, not very many miles from our Napa Valley. The fruit itself is a deep strawberry to orange color, with skin so taut it pops when punctured. The skin’s color is deep ruby, and can be speckled. When you bite into the best plum you’ve ever tasted, the skin should be incredibly tart, the flesh yielding and the juice will spill all down your chin, shirt and may end up on your shoes! If any of these are concerning for you, then our plum jam will give you the taste and texture of fresh plums, without the mess!

Plums are a stone fruit, like cherries and peaches. They are rich in fiber, and are an excellent addition to your daily diet. Plums also aid in iron absorption, which can be critical for those with anemia! What a super fruit!

Here on the farm we use local Santa Rosa plums, and purposefully leave well enough alone! With a touch of pectin and sugar, our jam comes to a simmer and we pour jar upon jar by hand.

We recommend serving Hurley Farms’ Santa Rosa Plum jam atop your morning yogurt, or with a handful of granola! The jam (along with many other delectable flavors) is available for order on our website, please contact us by email or phone with any questions you may have!

Summer at Hurley Farms

With the days stretching out across the valley for more than 14 hours and the nights cooling off considerably, our crops are getting all the warm California sunshine they need to grow into perfect specimens for your everyday vegetable needs!
Soon, Hurley Farms Stand will be open to provide you with a variety of greens, vegetables, and fruit.

Every day we’re noticing our berries getting a little less green, a little more colorful and a lot tastier. We also have Kale, bell peppers, jalapenos, garlic, onions, tomatoes, and assorted other fall vegetable planted.

Our chickens are also laying dozens upon dozens of eggs every single day! They love the warm weather, and happy chickens lay tons of eggs! We were struggling to keep up with demand over the winter time, however now we’re lousy with eggs and we encourage you to try our farm fresh eggs!

This fall, Hurley Farms’ owner Sheri Larsen will be demonstrating the absolute fool proof techniques for canning your very own jam. Red raspberry is on the menu, and you’ll leave the class with infinite knowledge of perfect jam preserving. You can contact Napa Valley College for more information!

As always, our farm stand and egg buying hours are Monday through Friday from 10-4!

Calling All Brides!

As a premier vacation destination, Napa Valley is rife with vendors willing to sell you pretty much anything you can imagine with a grape on it. When you mention the word wedding, things get interesting! There are several different routes brides may choose for their wedding favors, and many include hours of ordering, printing, cutting, wrapping and tying bows. Show me a bride with this much time on her hands, I dare you!

Mr. & Mrs. Forever

Hurley Farms has the unique ability to handle your wedding favors, and we do so with your destination in mind. We offer our jams, jellies and mustards along with olive oil and vinegar personalized for your big day. Customized labels are available, and add a lovely touch for a reasonable fee. Imagine your guests delight when they leave your reception with a jar of our small batch Royal Blenheim Apricot Preserves with Mr. & Mrs. Your Name Here printed directly on the label!

Our two ounce glass bottles of olive oil and vinegar are huge hits with brides across the valley, simply because they are a product of Napa. Each bottle is poured by hand here in our kitchen, and then if you so desire, hand tied with a raffia bow.

In the press!

Our wedding favors have been featured on The Anti-Bride’s website, along and

Whether you’re having a simple backyard affair or a grand event on the country club green our wedding favors are sure to please even the most discerning wedding guest!

Please contact Hurley Farms with any questions regarding our wedding favors, or to start your order!