Santa Rosa Plum

Fewer things remind me of my child hood than the Santa Rosa plum. Climbing the tree in my grandmother’s backyard, picking (and eating!) the sun ripened fruit and hearing my mother in the kitchen canning dozens of jars of the tart sweet jam.

The Santa Rosa Plum tree was first cultivated in Santa Rosa, not very many miles from our Napa Valley. The fruit itself is a deep strawberry to orange color, with skin so taut it pops when punctured. The skin’s color is deep ruby, and can be speckled. When you bite into the best plum you’ve ever tasted, the skin should be incredibly tart, the flesh yielding and the juice will spill all down your chin, shirt and may end up on your shoes! If any of these are concerning for you, then our plum jam will give you the taste and texture of fresh plums, without the mess!

Plums are a stone fruit, like cherries and peaches. They are rich in fiber, and are an excellent addition to your daily diet. Plums also aid in iron absorption, which can be critical for those with anemia! What a super fruit!

Here on the farm we use local Santa Rosa plums, and purposefully leave well enough alone! With a touch of pectin and sugar, our jam comes to a simmer and we pour jar upon jar by hand.

We recommend serving Hurley Farms’ Santa Rosa Plum jam atop your morning yogurt, or with a handful of granola! The jam (along with many other delectable flavors) is available for order on our website, please contact us by email or phone with any questions you may have!