Spring is for Strawberries

We’re ramping up our kitchen for the arrival of farm fresh strawberries!

Hurley Farms strawberry jam is made from fruit grown just down the street from our agricultural commercial kitchen and if I had better aim or perhaps a better arm I could call it a stone’s throw away!

Strawberries are a finicky crop, needing hot days and cool nights to produce sweet juicy fruit making California’s coast the perfect place to grow lots of delicious produce. In fact, California grows over 80% of the strawberries consumed by Americans.

This year has been an exceptional year, as the strawberries are sweet, plump, juicy gems which happen to be the perfect shade of crimson thanks to our beautifully consistent Napa Valley sunshine. Hand hulled and washed, these strawberries are given the star treatment around here!

While a strawberry may seem merely a child’s peanut butter accessory, here at Hurley Farms we view it as the portal to a simpler time, when jams were fresh and came from your grandmother’s kitchen…where you were lucky to get a sample right from the stove! We really enjoy Strawberry Jam day, as the aroma fills the kitchen and lingers around for hours after, reminding us to take time and savor the simple pleasures life has to offer.

With one spoonful, our jam will instantly taste sweet and tart, with a defined sun kissed strawberry flavor as if you’d bitten into a berry you’d picked yourself just moments before.

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Strawberry Fun Fact: Each seed on the outside of the strawberry is capable of growing into a plant, and there are about 200 seeds on every strawberry!

Strawberry Jam is our featured product for spring.  http://www.hurleyfarms.com